Polyurethane Sandwich System


One type of polyurethane floor coating especially for outdoor sports area, running and athletics tracks. The system is consisting of one primer, elastic layer, polyurethane layer and EPDM layer.


  • Primer

    100-160 gr/m²; 1100 cp; 1,03 kg/L

  • Granule Rubber

    SBR Granules (100 unit); 8500 gr/mm2; 1-3 mm

  • Polyurethane Layer

    Polyurethane Binder (20 unit); 8,5 kg/m2; 3000-3500 cP; 1,1 kg/L

  • Outdoor Sealer

    1031 gr/m²; Mix Rate: 18/2;  35000 cP; 1,68 kg/L

  • Outdoor Self Levelling

    2400 gr/m²; Karaşım Oranı: 5/4; 4320 cP; 1,16 kg/L

  • Colored EPDM

    3,2 kg/m²; 1-3,5 mm

Mechanical Test Results

Properties Results
Shock Absorbance %38
Thickness 13 mm
Vertical Deformation 1,5 mm
Friction 58
Tensile Strength 0,53 MPa
Elongation at Break 46 mm

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean, dry, free from grease. Moisture should not be on the surface.

Application Procedure

At the top of the surface which is covered, one component polyurethane primer is applied. Then, SBR granules and binder are mixed in a ratio of 100:20 and applied to the surface with finischer machine. After that, pu sealer (18:2) are mixed and spread onto surface in order to fill empty spaces and obtain flat surface. Outdoor self levelling material which is consisting of 5 A component and 4 B component are performed with level grain or trowel. The final step of the process is application of colored EPDM granules via spreading method. After full curing, excess amount of the granules is swept up from the surface.

Application Circumstance

Polyurethane sealer and self levelling is ready to use after mixing of their two components with each other. While low temperature extends the application time, high temperature can lead to decrease in it. Below 10°C and above 30°C temperature, these materials should not be processed.

Technical DataSheet

  • TDS-TR