Acrylic Standard System


One type of water based acrylic floor coating system especially for tennis courts, baseball or volleyball courts. System is consisting of primer, acrylic resurfacer and acrylic top coat layers.

  • Primer

    50-110 gr/m2

  • Acrylic Resurfacer

    400-750 gr/m2; mix rate: 25-40% water; 50-60% sand; 28000 cP; 1,28 kg/L

  • Acrylic Topcoat

    1. Layer 500-600 gr/m2; 50-60% sand; 30% water; 35200 cP; 1,29 kg/L
    2. Layer250-350 gr/m2; 10-20% sand; 5-10% water; 35200 cP; 1,29 kg/L
  • Acrylic Line Paint

    100-150 gr/m2; 30% water;

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean, dry, free from grease. Moisture should not be on the surface.

Application Procedure

At the top of the surface which is covered, primer is applied with roller or squeegee. After fully drying, resurfacer is applied by mixing it with 25-40% water and 50-60% sand. Then, acrylic top coat is performed in two different compositions. For the first layer, acrylic paint is mixed with 50-60% sand and 30% water. For the second layer, it is mixed with 10-20% sand and 5-10% water. Again, acrylic topcoat should be performed with rake or 60 cm squeegee. During application, whole drying should be achieved between layers in order to prevent any problems. Finally, acrylic line paint diluted about 30% water is applied to the surface depending on the purposes. Generally, roller is used to apply or special equipment is also present.

Application Circumstance

For acrylic materials, it should be used at temperature between 10-35 °C otherwise some application problems will occur. Water, sand and acrylic dispersion should be carefully mixed with machine. Each time, this mixing procedure must be repeated to avoid precipitated sand on the bottom of the container.

Technical DataSheet

  • TDS-TR