About Us

About Us

Pehlivan Kimya A.Ş. has been commercially active since 1993 in the field of construction and sports industry. Turnkey floor projects required for sports premises are designed and manufactured by our Company.

Our company successfully implements the manu­facturing from primer to final coat including sportive premises equipment, volleyball and tennis grounds for sports premises where our children and youth might get a chance to improve themselves.

Our company has underlined a successful and qualified manufacturing and rendered itself exporting half of its production to international market.

Polyurethane and acrylic coating materials with various applications are served to numerous companies in Anatolia in raw material form. Our company has been gradually improving itself with every single day on a professional level in the field of sport and industrial coatings and dedicates itself to provide the best quality production to its clients.

Pehlivan Kimya has developed a remarkable expertise on tartan tracks, jogging courses, synthetic pitches, acrylic floor coating and furthermore, working on alternative manufacturing methods like polyurethane materials of which no production exists in Turkey yet .

At present, our own product, dual component polyurethane based synthetic pitch glue is used in Turkic Republics, Middle East and throughout Turkey.

As a conclusion novvadays we have export to 38 countries in the vvorld. Pehlivan Kimya is capable of manufacturing shock-pad glue required for indoor sports halls, upper layer sealer and self-levelling polyurethane materials. Our aim is  permanently sustaining our principles of quality and honest service approach.

We will be pleased to serve you with our young and dynamic team.

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To provide the ideal product by understanding our customer very well.
To be a support and consultant firm to our customers not only at the time of sale but also before and after sales with high responsibility understanding.


We always keep our production quality at the highest level by continuously supporting our production with technological developments and innovations



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